Automated Securities Trading

Meet the Future of Automated Securities Trading

RevelTrade was born out of the concept that security traders of all skill levels want ability to trade like professionals. RevelTrade allows you to do just that by putting into Trading Apps pre-designed trading strategies that automatically monitor market data and make decisions to buy and sell securities.

Do you have limited or no experience programming trading strategies? No problem! RevelTrade leaves the programming to professional software developers so you can focus on fine tuning a trading strategy. Not an expert algorithmic trader or technical analyst? RevelTrade has a solution with Trading Apps comprising proven strategies as developed by expert algorithmic traders such as Ernest P. Chan, PhD and Jason Roberts. With RevelTrade you benefit from expert developed strategies but remain in control of your trading by making selections in the App's setup.

Professional traders will enjoy RevelTrade's server-side processing of real real-time data and the ability to work on strategy details instead of programming. RevelTrade is scalable to large or small trader accounts and offers stop loss protection. Coordinated trading allows up to three Apps to be active at one time and includes Circuit Breakers to prevent unintended trading or excessive drawdown.

Join the RevelTrade Revolution.
Automated Securities Trading in 3 Easy Steps
After setting up an account, trading is easy
Step 1
Select one of your available Trading Apps on the My Trading Apps page.
How It Works - Step 1
Step 2
Make selections on the Setup page to direct App trading. Selections include parameters for entries/exits, the amount of capital to use, and stop loss protections.
How It Works - Step 2
Step 3
Click Begin Trading and select your brokerage account or Simulated trading. Then watch trading progress on the Trading Page. It's that easy!
How It Works - Step 3
Monitoring Your Active Apps on the Trading Page
Review and monitor all of your active trading apps from a single page
Monitoring Your Active Apps on the Trading Page
Clicking on one of the active Apps will open a window displaying charts for the securities being monitored for trading
a window displaying charts for the securities being monitored for trading
RevelTrade's Features and Benefits

RevelTrade's Apps are Key

Trading Apps offer unlimited opportunity to implement trading strategies using traditional and novel analytics. RevelTrade is not bound by proprietary programming languages or strategy development tools.

RevelTrade is working with expert algorithmic traders to develop algorithmic trading strategies. If an expert trader can think of it and a professional software developer can develop it, then RevelTrade can implement it for you.

We welcome contribution to App development by expert algorithmic traders and will put in place a fee sharing arrangement with App contributors.

RevelTrade's App Store Offers Proven Strategies

RevelTrade will offer a variety of Trading Apps in its App Store comprising a variety of different trading strategies. Some Apps will be free and others will require a user fee.

RevelTrade's Circuit Breakers Prevent High Drawdown

RevelTrade's Circuit Breakers on the My Account page provide protection against excessive loses and high drawdown. Advantageously, Circuit Breakers work in cooperation with up to three concurrently running activated Apps.

RevelTrade Uses Real-Time Security Data

Unlike many competing systems which rely on one-minute or slower data bars, RevelTrade uses real-time tick data in its Apps. If your strategy requires moment-by-moment analysis RevelTrade will fulfill your needs.

RevelTrade Offers Remote Monitoring of Trading

RevelTrade's server based processing of data allows you to confidently know that trading is not dependent on your internet connection or personal computer.

Accessing and monitoring your trading is easy through an internet connection on any suitable devices such as smart phones, tablets or laptops. With RevelTrade you can trade and keep your day job.

RevelTrade Offers Trading Through Popular Brokerages and Simulated Trading

RevelTrade will work to establish relationships with popular brokerages.

Simulated trading allows for forward testing a strategy before risking real capital.