Automated Securities Trading

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose RevelTrade over other algorithmic trading platforms?

RevelTrade offers advantages otherwise unavailable to non-professional or non-institutional traders. This includes the use of pre-developed and tested Trading Apps existing as executable applications for monitoring data and issuing buy/sell orders. Trading Apps quickly process real-time data and issue orders quicker and more efficiently than systems using interpretive languages.

RevelTrade's other advantages include server-side processing of security data to reduce latency between decision making and order entry. In final implementation, servers will be co-resident with security data sources. The RevelTrade platform will be accessible from mobile devices including supported phones for immediate remote access to your trading.

RevelTrade offers a professional quality trading platform at a fraction of the cost, and allows for executing trades through popular brokerages such as E*Trade and TradeKing. RevelTrade's Trading App based platform in combination with its other technical advantages creates a powerful and easy to use system rivaled by none.

What are Trading Apps?

Trading Apps are pre-designed, pre-developed and pre-tested trading algorithms compiled into a selectable, modifiable, and user-friendly App interface. Each Trading App is directed towards a specific trading strategy but allows for modification to fine tune the strategy and increase profitability. Using Trading Apps opens the door to unlimited opportunity for implementing novel strategies and removes the limitations of current systems using "black box" strategies or requiring custom programming of strategies. With RevelTrade's Trading Apps you know what will happen and why, but do not need to create, program and test your own strategy.

Who develops the Trading Apps?

RevelTrade develops the Trading Apps in cooperation with expert algorithmic traders and developers. RevelTrade actively recruits recognized algorithmic traders to develop trading strategies embodied in Trading Apps. If you have interest in developing a Trading App for RevelTrade, please contact us.

Is RevelTrade available for commercial use?

Not yet. We are in development and expect to have a commercially available trading platform ready by 2Q 2014.

What brokerages are available for trading using RevelTrade?

RevelTrade is expected to be available for trading using established accounts with E*Trade and TradeKing. Relationships with other brokerages are in the works.

Is RevelTrade a brokerage?

No. RevelTrade is a trading platform that accesses your existing account at an established brokerage such as E*Trade and issues buy/sell orders through your brokerage account. RevelTrade uses the brokerage's application programmer's interface (API) to interface between the Trading Apps in RevelTrade and your brokerage account.

What are the costs and fees for using RevelTrade?

The projected costs will include a monthly fee and a per trade fee. In addition, you will be responsible for costs and fees through your brokerage. Some Trading Apps will be available for no additional charge while other Trading Apps will be available on a pay to use basis. RevelTrade will be very competitive with its monthly and per-trade fees.

Does RevelTrade provide guaranteed profits?

No. Neither RevelTrade nor any automated trading platform in general guarantees trading success or profits. Risk is inherent in any securities trading activity. However, RevelTrade works to reduce risk by offering pre-developed Trading Apps that include stop loss triggers together with RevelTrade's Circuit Breaker stops.

Is the RevelTrade technology patented?

Yes. RevelTrade is protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,356,499, 7,552,085 and 8,175,956 along with a patent pending.

What if I have additional questions?

Please direct any questions to